At Home Craft: How to Make a Fall Deco Mesh & Burlap Wreath

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To make this wreath you will need to start with a work wreath. You can purchase work wreaths or make your own. Our Pouf and Curly Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial begins with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.

Starting on the outermost ring leave a three to four inch length of mesh after gathering it and securing the end by twisting a chenille stem around it.

Make a pouf and secure it into the next chenille stem twisting it twice to secure.

Repeat until you reach the first pouf.

Continue as before along the inner ring until complete.

Make mesh rolls by allowing the deco mesh to roll up into itself and cut 24 rolls.

Pinch two mesh rolls in an X shape. Starting on the inner ring place the rolls and secure by twisting each chenille stem twice

Continue adding rolls in each tie until complete.

Next add embellishments like these burlap Fall leaves from Dollar Tree.

Cut lengths of contrasting color, varied patterns, or contrasting shades of ribbon we used one dark and one light color here. You may wish to V cut the ends of your ribbons as we have done. Pinch together two varied ribbons and secure with each tie.

Continue filling each tie with ribbons until complete.

Next you will add the final embellishments starting with a bow. We make all of our bows using a Bowdabra. We also often use zip ties to tie our bows because it’s inexpensive and easy.

At this point secure all ties and and trim excess chenille stems except for the one you will tie your bow on with. Glue on pumpkin embellishments we used these white mini pumpkins from Dollar Tree along with the Thankful sign also from Dollar Tree. Hang and enjoy!


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