At Home Craft: Curly Deco Mesh Wreath

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You will make poufs and rolls to make this wreath. We begin this wreath by making a work wreath using a wire wreath form and chenille stems.

Begin with your wire wreath form and fold one chenille stem making a U shape. Slide it onto the inner most ring of the wreath form. Center it.

Next bring the ends of the chenille stem together. Pull the stem tight and press each side of the middle against the inner ring.

After that thread each end of the stem under the inner wring.

Next cross one end over the other and twist three times to secure.

You will repeat these steps five times on the inner ring and six times on the outermost ring. Applying your chenille stems to the wreath form using this technique requires no cutting and they will not slide around.

We used 20 inch deco mesh for this wreath but, feel free to experiment with any mesh you may have on hand.

Starting on the outermost ring leave a four inch length of mesh after gathering it and securing the end by twisting a chenille stem around it . Make a pouf about 10 inches long and secure it into the next chenille stem twisting it twice to secure. Repeat until you reach the first pouf.

Finish the outermost ring by cutting the mesh leaving a four inch length and tucking it behind the wreath form. Continue making poufs until the inner ring is completed. Cut the mesh from the roll and leave a four inch length of mesh and tuck it behind the wreath form.

Make twelve rolls of mesh. Allow the mesh to curl inward on itself and cut each roll until you have twelve.

Place a roll so that it is centered in a chenille stem and twist twice to secure. You may leave your wreath as it is and trim the chenille stems or you may embellish it with ribbon, bows or even signs.


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