How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Coffee Filters ☕️🐣

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Decorate Easter eggs easily using just two items a coffee filter and a rubber band. I used food coloring and white vinegar to dye the eggs.

Begin with a cool large hard-boiled egg. Carefully wrap the egg in the coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band. Don’t worry about the filter being smooth the creases will create texture.

Dip the egg in the dye bath for 10 to 30 seconds. We used violet that we mixed using red and blue food coloring. This resulted in unpredictable, interesting color.

Place the egg on a surface protected with newspaper or paper towels. Remove the rubber band. Unwrap coffee filter and blot egg dry.

Tip: Allow to fully dry on a cooling rack nested inside a cookie sheet lined with paper towels.

Experiment with different dye colors. Part of the fun is unwrapping a surprise each time. I was told these eggs look a lot like dinosaur eggs.


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