At Home Craft: DIY Bottle Vases for Centerpieces

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This project reuses bottles you may already have. You’ll also need some masking tape, a paintbrush and paint. These bottle vases make great centerpieces when grouped together or with other decorative items like candles.

I used these bottles to make the bottle vases above.

First I removed the plastic rings and labels from the bottles. Next I used a 1:1 ratio of olive oil and baking soda mixed together to form a paste to remove the adhesive from the labels. I used about a teaspoon of each. After applying the paste to the outside of the bottles I used a scouring pad to scrub away the adhesive. Then I washed the bottles using dish detergent. After drying the bottles I began taping the clear one.

Using a piece of painters tape longer than the circumference of the bottle I wrapped the tape around the bottle.

Dollar Tree Glass Vases 320x50

I then used a small flat paintbrush to paint the bottom of the bottle. I turned the bottle over and held the side I wasn’t painting to make things a little easier.

Dollar Tree catering 125x125

I used chalk paint and applied about 3 coats of paint. I allowed it to dry and carefully removed the tape. I painted the smaller bottle with the same paint completely covering the outside.

Dollar Tree Table Top 300x300

I chose chalk paint because it has a soft matte finish and contrast nicely against the shiny glass of the bottle. If you were to make bottle vases using this method that were intended for long term use I would suggest using a specialty paint specifically for glass for durability.

If you’re wondering what kind of flowers I put in my new bottle vases the pink ones are snapdragons and the white ones are stock.


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