At Home Craft: DIY Deco Mesh Valentine’s Swag Wreath Made With A Wire Coat Hanger For Under $10 Dollars

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This Valentine’s Day swag wreath that uses a coat hanger as a base cost me under $10 to make. If you have any dry cleaning hangers your base is free. I used 21 inch red deco mesh to make this wreath. I used part of 30 foot roll that is usually around $10 at most big box craft stores. Most stores have weekly coupons for 40 percent off a single item so you could purchase a roll for about $6 and make a few different projects. You can also substitute 6 inch deco mesh like I used in my most popular wreath tutorial. A project list of supplies and materials is provided at the end of this post.

Begin by stretching out a hanger vertically.


Gather the end of your mesh and secure it to the bottom of the hanger using a chenille stem.


Make a small pouf and twist the chenille stem twice to secure.


Dollar Tree Candy 300x300

Repeat continuing around the hanger until you have twelve poufs.


Next you will cover the wreath with ribbon by  zigzagging your way down the wreath, twisting each stem twice to secure.


When you reach the bottom of the wreath trim the ribbon by V cutting the end.


Dollar Tree Craft Supplies 300x300

Wrap the chenille stems around an ink pen curling them.


Repeat until all stems are curled.


Make a bow and secure it to the top of your Valentine’s Day swag. I use a Bowdabra for all of my bows.

Hawaii Coffee Company 300x300



21″ Red deco mesh, or 2 rolls of  6″ decor mesh, available at Dollar Tree

Two 9 foot rolls of 2″ wired ribbon, also available at Dollar Tree

One package of chenille stems



Ink pen

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