How to Make Ritz Sandwiches

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Ritz sandwiches are an easy holiday treat. Using pretzels adds more salty sweet flavor. Making them is so quick that you’re likely spend more time waiting for the chocolate to dry.

Start by placing a Ritz cracker top side down. Spread a small amount of peanut butter on the cracker and top with another cracker.

Dollar Tree Xmas DIY 300x300

After assembling your sandwiches. Melt white chocolate and coat your sandwiches one by one.

Place on wax paper to dry. We sprinkled granulated sugar for a frosted effect but, when dry it lost some of its sparkle. You may omit it or try colored sprinkles instead.

Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers 300x300

Finally top with a mini pretzel. This is the time to get creative with decorating. You could drizzle a milk chocolate stripes or top with small candies too.

Allow to air dry for about fifteen minutes or about three Christmas songs and a cup of coffee. You can put them in the freezer but, we prefer air drying as sometimes chocolate may sweat after removing it from the freezer. Quick, easy, yum!

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