How to Add Ribbon to a Christmas Tree

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This is a fast and inexpensive way to add ribbon to your Christmas tree. We used about half of a 125′ roll of 1.5″ striped ribbon that I bought at a big box craft store using store coupons and promotions. This tree is 6.5′ the amount of ribbon you’ll need will depend on the size of your tree. I also used two accent ribbons from Dollar Tree. We used wired ribbon because it holds shape nicely.


Start by holding the end of your ribbon and dropping the roll of ribbon on the floor.  Start at the top of an artificial tree and use the top branch to hold the end of ribbon in place.


Use the branch tips to guide the ribbon downward and hold the ribbon in place. Push the ribbon into the tree and pull the length below outward repeating down to the bottom of the tree.

Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers 300x300


The ribbon will take on an irregular S shape when viewed from the side. Cut each ribbon when you reach the bottom of the tree on a slight diagonal.


I placed six ribbons around this tree. You may choose to add more or less and even experiment with various colors and widths. After making adjustments tie all ribbons around the top of the tree.

Dollar Tree Xmas DIY 300x300


Finally add a bow and push and pull the streamers into the tree making the same shapes once more. This bow has 4 streamers. Two streamers are contrasting patterns in the same color scheme for variety.


Finished! All that’s left to do is add ornaments.


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