Christmas DIY Deco Mesh Swag Wreath Made Using The Ruffle Method With A Wire Coat Hanger

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If you’re ready to get started on Christmas decor you’re in the right place. If you’d rather be decorating for Fall view our Fall swag wreath.


Chenille stems

10″ Deco mesh

A Wire coat hanger

Deco mesh tubing

Wire edged ribbon

Small plastic ornaments

Small Christmas sign

Hot glue

Begin by stretching a wire coat hanger into this shape.


Next attach a chenille stem at the bottom of the hanger. Twist three times in the center to secure. Unroll about 18″ of mesh from the roll pleat eight times gathering down the center of the mesh. Cut it from the roll making the first ruffle. Pinch the middle and secure it with the chenille stem and fluff it.


Attach 5 more chenille stems evenly on the hanger. Then make five more ruffles and attach them. Fluff them to fill any gaps.


Cut six 8″ lengths of ribbon and V-cut the ends. Pinch in the center and place inside each tie twisting twice to secure.


Use deco mesh tubing to make a small loop. Place on top of ribbon and twist tie twice to secure. Repeat until reaching the first loop. Trim each tie.


Scatter small plastic Christmas ornaments throughout mesh testing the placement until you’re happy and glue in place. Next make and attach a bow. I make all of our bows using a Bowdabra.


Finally add a small festive sign to finish off your wreath. You can find the one we used at Dollar Tree.

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-J & M


4 thoughts on “Christmas DIY Deco Mesh Swag Wreath Made Using The Ruffle Method With A Wire Coat Hanger

  1. Thank you! It’s so nice to have the directions clear & easy to follow. It’s so frustrating when I attempt to follow a post only to deal with the clutter of too many adds & other distractions.


    1. Hey Crystal!

      You can really use anything you would like. The tubing helps to give your Swag Wreath an extra pop! You could try rolling up some leftover deco mesh, or weaving/tie in some non-wired ribbon instead of the tubing. You could make smaller deco mesh puffs or little puffy bows to go along with your swag. Have fun with it!

      If you want to try and get some tubing we were able to get ours at our local Dollar Tree. Hope this helped!

      – J


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