Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Halloween Swag Wreath Made With a Wire Coat Hanger

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Decorate for Halloween! Make this fast and easy Halloween swag.


Orange chenille stems

One 12 foot roll of 2″ wide wired ribbon (Purchased at Michael’s)

Two 5 yard rolls of orange deco mesh (Purchased  at Dollar Tree.)

One 5 yard roll of black deco mesh (Also Dollar Tree)

wire coat hanger

  1. Stretch a wire coat hanger vertically until it takes this shape.

2. Next attach the orange deco mesh using the chenille stem starting at the top of the hanger, twisting twice around mesh to secure.

3. Make a pouf and secure with another chenille stem twisting twice to secure as before.

4. Continue making poufs when you’ve made 10 overlap each one with another pouf.


5. When you have covered all of the poufs begin filling in the wreath starting at the top zigzagging the mesh from left to right securing with each tie by twisting twice.

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6. Once you reach the bottom of the wreath turn it and continue zigzagging with the mesh.


Next use the black mesh to make a final layer of 10 black poufs and secure with ties. Finally make and attach a bow. I use a Bowdabra for my bows.

Dollar Tree Fall Banner 728 x 90



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