DIY Deco Mesh Fall Swag Wreath Made With A Wire Coat Hanger For Under $10 Dollars

Fall Swag

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This Fall swag wreath that uses a coat hanger as a base cost me under $10 to make. If you have any dry cleaning hangers your base is free. I bought everything to make it except the hanger at Dollar Tree.


First stretch out your hanger vertically.


Start at the bottom of the coat hanger, gather the deco mesh leaving a short tail and then twist your chenille stem around the mesh and wire to secure.

chenille tie.jpg

Next make a small pouf and tie on another chenille stem twisting each stem three times. Continue adding more poufs around the hanger until it’s covered. I made eight poufs.

Dollar Tree Xmas DIY 300x300

Next, cut pieces of the remaining deco mesh until they form rolls after curling in on themselves.


Now take two mesh rolls and unfurl one pinch it in the center and then take a second piece unfurl it and pinch the first piece in the middle then overlap the second piece in an X shape. Attach the pieces by tying them using the chenille stems again and twisting them three times to secure each piece.

Tying on Cross pieces.jpg

After attaching the remainder of the deco mesh your swag style wreath will be more voluminous and will begin to take on a more finished appearance.

Swag fuller.jpg

Next you’ll add more volume and some contrast of color and texture by attaching the wired burlap ribbon. Start by making a small loop and twisting it twice. Next attach the burlap ribbon  beginning on the first chenille stem on the top left side of the wreath. Twist the chenille stem twice to secure the ribbon to the wreath.

burlap 1.jpg

Next you will cover the wreath with burlap ribbon by  zigzagging your way down the wreath skipping every other chenille stem, twisting each stem twice to secure.

burlap 2.jpg

Twist the ribbon once before securing with the chenille stem twisting it twice each time. Cut the remaining tail of ribbon on a diagonal to finish.

burlap 3

Trim all the excess length from the chenille stems. Next, remove the leaves from the floral stems. At this time make a bow and attach it.

I love making bows with a Bowdabra (you may have noticed it hanging out in the background of some photos) and there are are endless Bowdabra video tutorials online. Bowdabra isn’t compensating me for my endorsement I just love it so, so much. I’ve mine it for a few years now and it’s definitely paid for itself. The bow on this wreath is made using 2 layered ribbons.

After attaching the bow begin to hot glue the leaves covering the chenille stems and adding them where you like. You’ll need to tidy up your wreath at this point by trimming any loose threads and removing spiderwebs of hot glue. Before you know it it’s finished and ready to hang. I used a 3M Oil Rubbed Bronze Command Hook to hang mine.

Fall Swag


Supplies And Materials List:

Wire Coat Hanger

8 Chenille Stems

One 9 Foot Roll of 2″ Wired Burlap Ribbon

One 9 Foot Roll of 2″ Wired Ribbon

One 9 Foot Roll of 1/2″ Ribbon

One Fall Leaves Artificial Greenery

Two 5 Yard Rolls Of Deco Mesh (Or Ten Yards Of Deco Mesh)



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